Marina West Motel Review

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to another exciting post about another wonderful Motel, the Marina West Motel. We have arranged all the possible information on Tofino marina west motel in the most comprehensive manner. So that you can grab as much information as possible in less time.

Surroundings of the Marina West Motel

Pacific coastline and mountain ranges are the introductions of the western most province of Canada the British Columbia this is the place where this resort is situated

The location of the Marina west Motel

The motel is located at the center of the place like the heart in the body. Like blood you can travel easily to every part of the city from your very room. Nor only the west coast outdoor lifestyle can be observed here but you are within walking distance from the downtown Tofino.

Comfort with adventure at Marina west Motel

To make you comfortable the motel has renovated 62 rooms. And to satisfy the instinct of adventure in you the Adventure center is purposefully designed by keeping in mind the west coast outdoor lifestyle with full service marina.

The relaxation alone  will make things too boring and the only adventure activities will make things too hectic for you.  This is all about mixing the right mix of land and water in and outside of the resort. This combination is used and designed appropriately, providing the guests with the best combination of relaxation and adventure activities. 

The Food at Marina West Motel

The aim of the resort is to make you fall in love with the place. So the Marina West Motel didn’t miss at all the third element after comfort and adventure. 

The food at Marina West Canal Hotel restaurant is prepared with two aims the first is to satisfy your taste buds. Secondly while satisfying your taste buds the two  resuturent of the motel will try their level best to bring near to the traditional roots of the area.

Your comfort is important to us. Unlike the many other restaurants, you do not need to wear the formal dress here. Although we respect your individuality even then if you want to wear the formal dress it’s up to you. You can wear it and enjoy your food at the two of the motels available restaurants as per your choice. 

The rooms in the Marina West Motel

Not all people like the same configuration of the rooms. So the different types of rooms  are available in the Marina West Motel. These purpose built rooms are made with the purpose to make you ready for the next day adventure.

Pet policy at Marina West Motel

For all the pet lovers who are reading this article “Marina West Motel Review” I have a wonderful surprise for you. Your pets are always welcome here too.

Types and Configuration of the rooms.

There are 7 different types of rooms available in Marina West Motel. You may choose the best as per your budget and need. 

Queen Rooms

Queen Rooms are available in two different configurations.

One is the Standard and the other is the Double.


The rent for the standard room starts from dollar 89. The double room starts from 109 dollars. Both the rooms are well in range from the Marina and other available facilities at the Motel.

Accommodation available in the rooms

Both rooms are designed to accommodate 1 to 2 people for sleep. 

Facilities Available in Room

Both types of rooms are equipped with a coffee maker free Wi-Fi a mini fridge and a 40 inch TV.

The Difference

There might be a difference in the room interior and size. The major differences are that the Double Queen room is exclusively located at the ground floor.

King room

3 rooms are again of two different types. The one is standard and the second is with a balcony. 


The price for standard rooms starts from 109 dollar while the starting price for the king room with balcony is 129 dollars.

Accommodation available in the rooms.

Both types of king room are designed for one to two persons. Equipped with Australian style belts when you can enjoy sleep like a king in these rooms. 

Both have easy access to all the facilities available in the motel.

Facilities available in the room.

Both rooms have one coffee maker, one mini fridge, 40 inch TV and free Wi-Fi connection.

The difference

The difference lies with the location of the rooms. The standard rooms are located on the ground floor. The rooms with balconies are located on the second floor. The other small differences like the interior of the room and the size of the room may vary too.

Deluxe rooms king or queen


This room can accommodate 2 to 4 persons easily bed configuration in Australian style.


Located on the second floor of the motel. Provide you the best opportunity to view the natural beauty of Tofino. 


The charges for this room starts from 139 dollars. 

Available facilities in the room

The room is equipped with a coffee maker , mini fridge, 40 inch TV and  free Wi-Fi connection.

Queen suite


Located on the second and third floor. The best quality of these types of rooms are that these provide you the opportunity to enjoy the natural scenery of the surroundings. 

Facilities available in the room

Live aid rooms these rooms are also equipped with a coffee maker mini fridge for 30 TV and free Wi-Fi.


This type of room can easily accommodate 2 to 4 persons. The comfort is insured in these types of rooms by placing Australian style beds.

Queen Suite


The starting price for this type of room is 169 dollars. 


These rooms are designed for two to four  people. To make the stay in these rooms comfortable the rooms are equipped with queen pillow top bed and a double sofa bed placed in the lounge.


The rooms are located on the second and third floor of the motel. This provides you an extra advantage to enjoy the natural scenery of the hotel surroundings. Believe me this is worth seeing. 

Facilities available in the room

This also has all the basic facilities like other rows. The basic facilities include coffee maker mini fridge 40 inch TV and free Wi-Fi. The additive facility in this type of room is the robes.

King Suite


Most spacious room available in the motel. Yet priced economically. The price for this room starts from 179 dollars.


As mentioned earlier these rooms are the most spacious room available in the motel. These rooms are capable enough to adjust to 2 to 4 people. a separate double size sofa bed is located in the lungs along with the standard double size bed placed in the room.


Rooms are located on the third floor and with the balcony. this provide you the best opportunity to view the natural beauty of the surroundings

Facilities available in the room

The room has a mini fridge, a coffee maker for dish TV free Wi-Fi and robes to make your stay more comfortable.

Fitness center available at the Marina West Motel

The Marina West Motel has all the facilities to entertain you and to make you fit so that you can enjoy the adventure.

A gym is located in the adventure center at the motel. 


The gym is equipped with state of the art equipment. This equipment includes general fitness equipment, cardio machines and many more.

How to access

The gym is for both the members and the guests.The members are mostly the local residents of the city. They have to obtain a membership in order to use this gym.

Member Ship

The memberships are available in three different modes. The first one is $70 the second one is of $80 and the third one is of $15. $70 per month is available for 1 year commitment. The $80 membership is available for 3 month commitment and $15 membership is for a drop it.

The guests

The very good news is that this is available for the guests of the motel too. They can  use their room keys to access the gym facilities.

Operating hours

The gym is operating for 16 hours. It opens its doors for guests and members at 6:00 a.m. daily and remains open till 10 p.m. in the night.

Instructions to enter in the gym

The gym members and the guests who have the intention to use the gym are requested to not to wear dirty shoes in the gym. 

How to reach at Marina West Motel

To enjoy this all. This is important that you must reach here first. Please remember that this is the only resort located in this vicinity.

You have two options to reach there. The first is to take a direct flight. The second is to drive here. During the drive, you may enjoy the beautiful scenes along both sides of the road. If you take the flight this will save you time. The total flight duration is  45 min flight from Vancouver. The harbor air will resume its services from April the 10th and you can directly land at the harbor. You are the best judge of your needs So Decide according to your needs and demands

The adventures at the Marina West Motel. 

There are 6 different types of adventure activities available at the resort.

The ultimate adventure

This is a 4-hour activity if your own private boat. The true adventure of lifetime. You will find bears, whales and beautiful natural sights.  You can even have your crab trap with you and get some crabs the fresh ones. These can be later cooked and served in the dinner for you.

The charges are very nominal for this adventure. You only have to pay $ 600 + taxes and fees for four people. So extra charges may also apply. 

The Whale watching

This adventure activity will bring you so near to the ecosystem that you may even study it. A lovely trip starts at $89 for children 3 to 12 for seniors and youth. The rate is $99 and for the adults the rate is 109 dollar.

The Bear watching

You will travel along the waters of the river. And can easily spot the bears living in their natural habitat. The charges are the same as the whale watching trip.

The Fishing

Enjoy the guided fishing trip. Grab some fresh sea meat and the restaurant will make it ready by their expert chefs for dinner, which can be more better than that. This five hour trip will cost you 750 dollars. The extra charges in terms of fees and taxes may apply.

The ultimate adventure

In the ultimate adventure the Marine west Model resort has combined all the adventure for you. The whale watching the bear watching and fishing. And so remember that the crabbing is the essential part of the adventure. 

The Food

1909 kitchen

The food is served  in the traditional way. The kitchen has a history. The association of its name is as old as the first post office of the area. The kitchen is named after the year the first post office was made in the area. 

They served a vast variety of food. You can choose whatever you want from the menu.

The pub

14 different taps are serving beer. What else can be better if it is fresh too. The beautiful view of the pub along the water makes things beautiful for you. Sitting there and drinking is a lifelong experience.

The Chef

Chef Paul Moran is the chef. This talented young chap has many big achievements baking with its name.  In 2019 he has won the title of Canada’s top chef. Before this he has won the under 30 best chef award. He has the experience of working around the globe.

This is the reason he brings you the best taste not only to satisfy your taste buds but to please them well.

By reading all this I think you are as excited as I was when I first visited there. Have a safe journey and enjoy your Trip!