Tofino Attractions – A Detailed Guide for Tourists

So, the tickets are booked, luggage is ready, and you’re all set to fly to Tofino?

Well, it’s time to prepare a list of Tofino attractions you’re going to enjoy during your stay in Tofino.

No matter whether you want to play in the ocean or willing to explore the beauty of nature, Tofino is the best place for you to visit.

Every year, a huge number of Canadians come to enjoy the summer vacations in this district but the international tourists are still unaware of the crazy things they can enjoy in this amazing destination.

Based on our experience, spring is the best time to visit Tofino as you’d get to enjoy fine dining and plenty of outdoor activities. But if you want to enjoy storm watching or willing to explore the near-empty hiking trails, you should consider visiting this district in winter.

In this detailed guide to Tofino BC Tourist attractions, we’ll not just talk about places you should visit but we’ll also take a look at the activities you’d love to enjoy during your stay. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details of Tofino tourist attritions that will blow your mind.

Top Things to do in Tofino

The reason why tourists often fell in love with is that it offers a range of epic activities. Here are some amazing activities you must try in Tofino.

Indulge in some hiking

Hiking trails are the most remarkable Tofino attractions that entertain thousands of visitors every year. Your Tofino trip will be incomplete if you didn’t explore a few hiking trails.
We recommend having a backcountry camping experience if you want to camp in the woods or do some remote hiking. You should also carry some food with you when going towards the forest. Overnight hiking trips, we strongly recommend using the services of a local guide.
The Pacific Rim National Park is one of the best Tofino BC attractions for Hiking Lovers. Here you’d get to see rugged landscapes, lush vegetation, and never-ending beaches.

We bet that you’d be able to explore some of the most picturesque landscapes on these hiking trails. You can take a visit to the tourist center to find information about attractive hiking trails.

Do some Beach Hopping

Usually, tourists prefer going to Long Beach as it’s one of the most popular Tofino Attractions. It’s a fact that you can enjoy an incredible time on this beach as it’s located within the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. It’s a perfect spot from surfing where you can find skillful surfers enjoying the waves.

You can also learn some amazing surfing tricks from these surfers by building a bond with them. However, if you want to explore as many Tofino attractions as possible, you must consider visiting other beaches as well. Chester man Beach, Mackenzie Beach, Cox Bay Beach, Middle Beach, Wickaninnish Beach, and Combers Beach are some amazing Tofino attractions we recommend for beach lovers. And that’s not just the end. There are plenty of other beaches you can explore in this beautiful district.

Enjoy Surfing

If you’re willing to enjoy an exceptional surfing experience, you should head towards Tofino because it’s known as Canada’s surfing capital. If you aren’t a fan of surfing, you can try to Stand up Paddle Boarding in the more secluded bays along the coast. You shouldn’t be worried if you’ve never tried surfing before. You can simply visit one of the best surfing schools to learn the basics.
You won’t have to bring your surfing equipment with you as there are plenty of surf shops throughout the area where you can rent equipment. The Pacific Surf School, Tofino Surf School, and Pacific Surf School are some of the best places where you can learn surfing within no time.

Take a Bear Viewing Tour

Bear Viewing is one of the amazing Tofino Attractions that every tourist loves to try. You can get the opportunity to see watch black bears from a safe distance while riding on a boat at low tide. The experience of watching bears on the shore is absolutely amazing. You can quietly watch the bears from the water without having to worry about any kind of attack.

A Bear Viewing Tour is normally offered with the Best Tofino Attractions Deals that enable you to enjoy several other activities. Therefore, you should keep an eye on this aspect while booking a tour.

Take a Road Trip to Ucluelet

Ucluelet is a small town found at the far end of Long Beach. The town is surrounded by rugged scenes of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. So, we can say it has some resemblance to Tofino.

Although it’s not included in Tofino Attractions, we still recommend visiting this incredible town while you’re in Tofino. We bet you’d love this experience. Unlike its more popular neighbor, Ucluelet doesn’t host a huge number of tourists. It means it’s the perfect spot for those who want to enjoy some comfort even during the summer months.
The town offers many opportunities to explore the offshore islands by boat. Moreover, you’d get to explore some incredible hiking trails in this town. If you’re tired of those crowds in Tofino, you must take a visit to this peaceful and relaxing town.

Do Some Storm Watching

When we talk about the best Tofino Attractions, Storm Watching appears on top of the list. The town and coastline are ravaged by storms during the winter season. Although it’s a unique and different experience everybody loves to enjoy, you cannot expect to visit national parks or enjoy hiking in the winter.

Still, a huge number of people come to watch violent storms during the winter season. This is the best time to see nature at its most fearsome. No doubt, it’s an ideal opportunity for photographers to take some praiseworthy photographs.
If you’re coming from a distant location, you shouldn’t go during winter because there isn’t much to explore in the winter. But the residents of nearby areas must come to enjoy this stunning experience in the winter season.


Ziplining is another amazing activity you must try when you’re in Tofino. You need to visit the Ha’uukmin Tribal Park to try this adventure. No matter whether you’re an adult or a teenager, you can enjoy this sport with the help of professional guides. It takes you through the ancient growth rainforest offering some incredible views of Kennedy River Canyon.

National Parks and Gardens

If you’re willing to explore the beauty of nature, you must head towards these parks and gardens in Tofino.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Located on the Western Coast of Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is ready to offer stunning natural beauty along with wandering beaches and vivid cultural history. Pacific Rim Park is basically a hub of Tofino attractions where you can explore the West Coast Trail, the Broken Group Islands, and the Long Beach

Hot Springs Cove

Hot Springs Cove is a beautiful tourist attraction that offers stunning coastline views throughout the way. You can either take a 1.5-hour boat ride or a 20-minute seaplane flight to get there. We recommend trying both modes of transportation so you may collect some incredible memories. You’d most probably get to see the wildlife while traveling to this beautiful destination.

Tofino Village Green

This is the main gathering spot in Tofino where you can find the Tuff City, Skate Park. The Park is best known for the Weeping Cedar Woman Statue that looks over the playground. The basketball and tennis courts are also an important part of the park. Moreover, you’d get to explore the new play structures in this outstanding park.

Centennial Park

Located near Tonquin Trail, Centennial Park is the perfect spot for picnics and outdoor fun. The park comprises a small play structure, basketball court, horseshoe pit, and bocce court. The administration has developed a sheltered area within the park to provide protection to the tourists when it’s raining.

Anchor Park

Do you want to learn some crazy things about Tofino’s nautical history? In that case, Anchor Park is the perfect place for you to visit. This small park looks out to Meares Island Tribal Park. It’s the perfect picnic spot where you can enjoy an outdoor snack.

Tuff City Bike Park

Located next to the Tofino Community Hall, Tuff City Bike Park offers amazing bike riding opportunities for people from all walks of life. The park consists of a learning area, tabletop jumps, a pump track, and ladder planks. It also offers some natural obstacles for an incredible ride.

Without any doubt, it’s one of the amazing Tofino Tourist attractions that can make your trip memorable. We strongly recommend visiting this park no matter whether you’re an expert rider or not.

Best Tofino Restaurants

Tofino Restaurants cannot be excluded from Tofino attractions because everybody loves to try the local food when they’re visiting a new area. So, here is the list of best Tofino Restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food.

Wolf in the Fog

Wolf in the Fog is an incredible restaurant where you can enjoy the local food. Although it’s a bit expensive compared to other restaurants in the town, we still recommend going there as they have an amazing menu for dinner.

Tacofino Cantina

This food cart is one of the fantastic Tofino Attractions that offers delicious food for visitors. The Mexican Staples at this food cart is so amazing that you’d love trying them again and again.

Wildside Grill

This roadside stand offers is best known for gourmet food. So, if you’re a gourmet food lover, you must go there at least once during your visit. This is the perfect place for enjoying a wild range of Poutine.


The shelter was one of our favorite places during the visit as we went their several times for having a delicious meal. The menu is impressive and the atmosphere is just fantastic. The incredible views of Clayoquot Sound make you feel relaxed while you’re enjoying your dinner.

Big Daddy’s Fish Fry

If you love fried seafood, you must take a visit to Big Daddy’s Fish Fry. Here you can try the best-fried pickles, deep-fried shrimp, Fish N Chips, and a whole host of other bites. The restaurant remains crowded for the most part of the day. It means you’d have to wait for some time before you could enjoy your meal.

Where to Stay in Tofino

We’re adding it as a bonus because the travelers often complain about the service provided by hotels. If you’re looking for a luxury hotel, Pacific Sands Beach Resort and Wickaninnish Inn are the best hotels where you can enjoy a comfortable stay while enjoying incredible views.

Usually, the visitors are in search of Mid-Range Hotels where they can enjoy some luxuries at an affordable price. Cox Bay Beach Resort and Middle Beach Lodge are the best places where you can enjoy luxury services at a reasonable price. Make sure that you book a room before getting on the plane as you might face problems with getting a room later on.

Similarly, the Ocean Village Beach Resort and the Tofino Travellers Guest House are the budget hotels for visitors who can’t spend enough money on accommodation. Chances are that you’d be able to get some good deals if you made a booking in advance.

There is nothing wrong with trying the Airbnb because Airbnb hosts are very polite in this area. They will even provide you with a detailed guide of things you can try at the time when you’re visiting this town.


Tofino is the perfect tourist spot for those who want to explore the beauty of nature while enjoying some amazing activities. Hiking, surfing, and Ziplining are some of the amazing activities the tourists love to try here. The national parks like Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and Hot Springs Cove are also the perfect Tofino Attractions for tourists.

We also recommend visiting popular beaches like Chesterman beach, Wickaninnish Beach, Cox Bay, Long Beach, and Mackenzie Beach because beaches are an important part of the town’s beauty. If you have any questions about these Tofino Attractions, feel free to get in touch with us.