Can a felon travel to Canada?

Some destinations are really popular among tourists around the world. Canada is one of them.

Many countries restrict your travel with a felony, unfortunately, Canada is one of them.

Entering Canada with a felony conviction

The regulations have been changed significantly since the beginning of this century.

Before the beginning of this century, if you needed to travel to Canada, only a  photo id is enough. This photo if is even in the form of a driving license was enough. Now, this is nearly impossible to enter Canada without a proper legal passport. Some other documents can be used to enter into Canada other than the passport. But this is something different and condition may vary from case to case. These other documents include tribal documents and military documents. In all cases, the simplest way to enter Canada is to have a passport and a valid one.

Entering Canada with expunged felony
A very simple answer to this question is that if you have a criminal record you are not allowed to enter Canada. This is something that is partially true. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors.

  • The type of crime committed.
  • The time period of the crime
  • When the crime was committed
  • How long it has been passed after someone is convicted for the crime

If someone has committed a crime that is not very extensive in nature. It has not been repeated again. If someone is convicted for a crime more than once, she or he will not be allowed to enter Canada.

Some criminals even commit a crime only once they are not been able to enter Canada. The nature of this crime includes

  • The crime involves the weapon
  • A person is injured or harms during the crime
  • The property is seriously damaged during the crime.

Sometimes this may happen that a crime you committed is not a big deal in the country of origin where it has been committed. Things can be entirely different in Canada. The point to be considered here is how Canadian law deals with that particular crime.

  • If someone is convicted for the crime. This conviction is more than ten years in prison. it means that the Canadian authorities will deal with your case individually.
  • If someone is convicted for a crime and has suffered from the planting that is to reside in jail for a certain period of time. That you have to wait at least 5 years after the imprisonment sentence.

DUI Charges

if you are ever charged with drink and drive. If you do not have any other charge chances are high that your baby will get an approved visa for the Canadian authorities. If multiple times you have been charged for the same crime. Even then you can get a visa for Canada.

For solving this purpose you need to apply for the Canadian criminal rehabilitation

Canadian criminal rehabilitation

This is not sure that your request to join the Canadian criminal rehabilitation program will be accepted.

Most of the time this is the officer at the border who decides that will you enter Canada for the program or not.

Having a criminal record and enter in Canada
Several documents are needed to enter Canada. Regardless of the situation, whether you are applying for the rehabilitation program or not. These documents are

  • To prove your identity a photo ID
  • To record the travel section, you need a passport
  • A certificate to show your area and date of birth. This means that you need a “Birth Certificate”
  • All the documents containing the criminal record and the judgments. This includes the preceding and the decision by the court.
  • The documentary proof that you have completed the sentence imposed by the court of law
  • A documentary proof provided by the local police that you have completed your sentence due to the registered crime.

Your safe entry and the stay in Canadian with a criminal record are subjected to the condition that you must need to provide all the above listed documents.  Some of these documents needed some time to be prepared. So you need to start preparing well in time. So that before the traveling date all the documents you need should be ready at the traveling date.

what is considered a felony in Canada?

If you are charged with a crime. Had your case still been in the court of law? You will still be considered a criminal.

unless you need to prove that you will not be sentenced in any way.

subtypes this may happen that our American citizen has the documents which show that he has never been convicted for a crime. Even though the Canadian authorities refused entry to Canada.

The reason is the record. According to the record of the Canadian authorities. this will be humility to receive the refusal to enter the border.

This is the reason that we suggest you apply for special permission. So that you may not be refused entry to Canada. This will be of more importance if you have a criminal record.

Entering Canada with expunged felony
Expunged records that are actually deleted and do not exist anymore. This means that a criminal record cannot be accessed by any means to the general public or the government authorities of any country. Different state laws vary with each other. This is the reason that the person has to suffer. This happens in both ways. Either you are a citizen of that specific state or you have been convicted of a crime in that particular state. In both cases, the state law will affect you badly. You should be aware of this fact. That these are entirely two different things. One year record is deleted and second that your record has been sealed. In the first case, the record is deleted and it actually does not exist anymore. In the second case, the record actually existed but it is not in the excess of anyone. In special circumstances with the dew permissions again but not in normal conditions. Most of the time when the employment agencies are the companies that are providing employment while checking the record of the applicant they do not look for the Expunged record. This is the information that is not usually requested. But be vigilant if it is ever requested this can be retrieved and can be provided to the one who has requested and seeking for this information.

Fina Words

Different rules around the word restrict travelers due to certain reasons. The criminal record is one of those. This really restricts the traveler. You may even be stopped at the border of a certain country. Canada is one of those countries. To avoid this type of situation you must be aware of all the rules and seek permission before time so that you may not face any problem at the time of entry. Even during your stay, you may face different problems because of the criminal record. This is the reason we highly recommend to be fully aware of the rules in the country of your travel.

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