10 Best Interesting Facts about Tofino BC

Planning to visit Tofino this year?

Well, you need to take a look at these interesting facts about Tofino before you take the plunge. Won’t you be interested in knowing some crazy things about a town that hosts 750,000 visitors every year while it only has a population of 2,000 individuals?

Yes, it’s a surprising fact that many people don’t know about Tofino BC. And that’s not just it. There are several other interesting facts about Tofino BC you’d love to know.

Brief History of Tofino

I know history is a boring subject that often ruins the lives of students. But I won’t ruin your interest because I’m also not a big fan of history as a subject. But there are some basic things you must know about history.

Tofino is a small district found on the West Coast of Vancouver Island at the southern edge of Clayoquot Sound. In the honor of Admiral Vicente Tofiño de San Miguel, the Spanish commanders Valdés and Galiano used the name Tofino Inlet for this district in 1792. Later on, the word Inlet was removed and the town became popular with the name Tofino.

Over the years, it has become a popular spot for nature lovers, campers, surfers, fishermen, and whale watchers. Every year, people come to enjoy these activities during the summer. And some crazy visitors come to experience the sea storms during winter.

Interesting Facts about Tofino BC

That wasn’t too long I think. However, that’s it and we won’t talk about boring stuff anymore. It’s time to take a look at the 10 Best Interesting Facts about Tofino BC. So, let’s get started.

Canada’s Surfing Capital

Tofino is known as Canada’s Surfing Capital as it offers an outstanding surfing experience for all types of surfers. Every year, a huge number of surfers from around the world come to this town to have some fun with the waves. If you’re not an experienced surfer, you can simply use the services of Tofino Canada Surfing schools to learn some basic tricks.

Tofino Surf School and Pacific Surf School are best known for providing Surf Classes in the town. The surfing equipment is easily available in the local surf shops for rent.

Getting there is a lot of Fun

You’d get to see some incredible views while you’re traveling to Tofino. But that can only happen if you’re going there by car. Yes, flight journeys are also very adventurous. But you can collect a lot of incredible memories when you’re traveling by car. Travelers are often interested in knowing how to get to Tofino from Seattle because Seattle is the best place to start your journey by road.

However, if you aren’t interested in taking a road tour, you can travel to Tofino on a small plane. In both cases, you’d get the opportunity to enjoy an incredible journey.

A new Planet on Earth

This may sound strange but Tofino BC is a completely unique planet on Earth. That’s because you don’t get to see Walmart, Golden arches, Starbucks or any other popular chains in this district. The local authorities decided to ban franchise operations in the town because they wanted to provide a pure experience to the visitors. Tofino is a highly recommended place for travelers. It can be an incredible experience for everyone that wants to get closer to nature.

Hosts Multiple Wildlife Tours

If you ask a local about what is Tofino known for, they’d immediately highlight the Tofino Wildlife tours because these tours are the greatest attraction in this district. Tofino gives you the opportunity to see the wildlife from a safe distance when you go for a boat trip at low tide.

One of the interesting facts about Tofino BC is that it enables you to explore several species of animals such as black bears, orcas, and bald eagles. You’d get to see several other animals during your trip.

Unplugged District

One of the Interesting facts about Tofino BC is that it’s an amazing attraction for people who like to spend some time away from their busy. You must be thinking of how that can be possible when the district hosts 750,000 tourists every year.

The fact is that there are plenty of areas where the reception bars on your phone go down to zero. And that’s something that many people find comforting. The comfort you can enjoy after switching your phone off is incredibly amazing.

In fact, that’s what attracts a lot of people to Tofino every year because there are only a few places where they can enjoy this liberty. And Tofino is one of these amazing places in the world. Make sure that you bring the Tofino British Columbia map with you otherwise, you’d get lost there.

A paradise for Water Lovers

Are you a fan of water sports? If that’s the case, Tofino is the perfect place for you to visit. It gives you the freedom to enjoy several water sports in an incredible environment. No matter whether you want to enjoy surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, or even scuba diving, Tofino has got you covered. In fact, the town is popular for whale watching.

It means Tofino is the ideal location for water lovers. There are some stunning locations you’d love to explore on a boat. You should take a visit to this town to add some incredible memories to your memory bank.

Top Events and Festivals in Tofino

Tofino offers a range of events and festivals for people from all walks of life. Pacific Rim Whale Festival is the greatest festival that attracts thousands of travelers every year. This Festival allows you to learn some amazing things about the local community. You’d get to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities at this festival while enjoying several arts and cultures. It’s basically a celebration of coastal traditions for the local community.

Tofino Film Festival is also a popular festival that brings a lot of visitors to this beautiful town every February. Independent filmmakers come from different parts of the world to showcase their latest work. You can join this festival if you want to learn new things about filmmaking.

And if you’re a food lover, you must come to enjoy the Tofino Food and Wine Festival in June. Different types of foods and drinks are offered at this incredible event. There are plenty of other events organized in this district. We recommend searching for Tofino Upcoming Events so you may plan your trip accordingly.

Heaven for Beach Lovers

Tofino has many wide and sandy beaches where you can have lots of fun with your friends and family. MacKenzie Beach, Long Beach, Wickaninnish Beach, Chesterman Beach, and Cox Bay Beach are the top five beaches you must explore when you’re in Tofino.

The visitors are usually familiar with Long beach because it has some association with the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. But the other beaches are also worth exploring. If you don’t have enough time to visit all the beaches, you should at least take a visit to Chesterman Beach because Chesterman beach road offers incredible views and sceneries.

Even the Bad Weather is a Draw

One of the Interesting things about Tofino BC is that it offers amazing opportunities for travelers even if you’re going there in bad weather. Rainstorms are very common in this town in the months of December and January. But they still can’t prevent tourists from visiting the town. In fact, a huge number of tourists come to explore these storms in these months.

You might be surprised to know that storm watching is one of the greatest attractions for people from all over the world. You’d get to have lots of fun and entertainment even if you’re sitting in your hotel room. That’s the beauty of Tofino.

Perfect Place for Art Lovers

You can find many popular sculptors, painters, and craftsmen in this town. There are plenty of galleries and boutiques where you can find hand-knit wool garments, art cards, and pottery.

Roy Henry Vickers was one of the incredible artists who played a role in building a community of artists in this town. You’d get to explore the remarkable beauty of the west coast with his artwork. The local artists usually take inspiration from nature to draw a unique paintings or sculptures. We bet that you’d fell in love with their work.

Things to do in Tofino BC

Now that you’ve learned some interesting facts about Tofino BC, we must talk about the things you must do when you’re in Tofino BC.

Go for a Hiking Trip

Your Tofino Trip will remain incomplete if you didn’t indulge in hiking. There are plenty of hiking trails in this area that allow you to discover this area of untouched wilderness. You can either visit the local tourist center or take help from Tofino British Columbia Map to find information about these hiking trails.

Visit the Tofino Market

A visit to the local Tofino Market is a must when you’re visiting this beautiful town. Between May and October, the market is held in the center of town every Saturday without fail. The local vendors come to sell their products at this market every week.

The market is not just limited to clothing or other essentials. You can also enjoy different types of foods, chocolates, and coffee in this market. The market is usually crowded with tourists. So, you’d get to meet many strangers during this visit.

Kayaking in the Clayoquot Sound

Clayoquot Sound is the best place where you can enjoy a world-class kayaking experience. The experience of exploring the area by kayak is stunning. Therefore, a huge number of tourists come to the town just for the sake of enjoying a kayaking trip in Clayoquot Sound.

The kayaking trips are not just limited to the sea. You can even go to the closest islands to enjoy forest walks or you can bring meals with you to enjoy lunch on a beach. You can make this trip more fun and entertain by setting up a camp on the beach for a few days. But that can only happen if you’re exploring this town with your friends.

Enjoy a Scenic Flight

If you want to observe the dramatic wilderness of Tofino from a different angle, you must consider taking a scenic flight. It’s one of the most interesting things that people like to do during the summer. It’s really important to check the weather forecast before you plan your trip because the fog may make it difficult for you to enjoy this incredible experience.

On a clear day, you’d get to see so many incredible views that can hardly be found elsewhere. We recommend booking your flight right on the day when you come to the town. Thus, you’d get a chance to take this scenic flight at least once during your trip.

Take a Daytrip to Ucluelet

The small, majestic town of Ucluelet is just 15 minutes away from Tofino. There are many waterfront lodges and resorts where you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience. You must consider taking a day trip to the town to add some amazing memories to your memory bank. You’d get to see outstanding landscapes if you take some time to explore the Amphitrite Point Lighthouse.

Storm Watching

Winter is known as the Storm Watching season in the town because only a few tourists come to the town during this season. In fact, the restaurants and shops are mostly closed at this time of the year. Storm watching is one of the amazing activities one must try when they’re visiting Tofino.


Tofino is an outstanding tourist attraction where you can enjoy lots of adventurous activities. In this article, we’ve highlighted the 10 best interesting facts about Tofino BC. The town offers lots of fun and entertaining activities for people from all walks of life. You can enjoy some unique experiences in this town that are hardly found elsewhere. If you need detailed information about things you can perform in Tofino, feel free to send us a message.