Tofino B&B Best Review For Visitors

Hello and welcome to another exciting article about Tofino.  Here today in this article we will discuss the bed and breakfast facilities available at the place. As most of you already know what actually bed and breakfast mean.

This is a relatively temporary accommodation that provides overnight stay. Usually, these are the houses owned by the families and rent a portion of it. These are sort of privately owned guesthouses.

Despite a stator of ownership, these are the wonderful places for a short stay.  This not only saves you money but also provides you with comfort and a bit of Calmness in comparison to hotels and motels. Loneliness on the private boundaries is sometimes required in order to enjoy vacations or leisure time.

If you are planning to visit Tofino.  We have collected some first-hand information regarding some best available places such as B& B that is the bed and breakfast.  Have a look to find the one which suits you the best

Chesterman Beach Bed and Breakfast

This is the excellent choice at any criterion whether you are discussing the location, cleanliness, the quality of the services, and the value of the money. 

Location  and attractions

 Ideally situated to be well in range with the most attractive attractions of the Tofino. One example of this is the Solar Glass Studio.  This Studio is situated only 1.5 kilometers away from this property. The second example is the rain caused by the Education Society which is located well in the range too the distance is only 2.3 kilometers from the property. The aesthetic attraction is not only to be satisfied here but your taste buds can be well entertained as one of the best-known BBQ restaurants Lil’ Ronnie’s Backyard BBQ  is well in the range from this bed and breakfast property.

Facilities available for free

 parking is completely free here.  You can enjoy the internet. The internet is not only free but also high speed as Wi-Fi routers are fitted here.  The hotel is very near to the beach. you can also enjoy the hot bath here.


 for all the little loving guys who want to explore nature on the bike.  I have wonderful news for you to share and the news is that you can brand the bicycle from the property.  baggage storage is also available.


 Like all the good things in the world, this too has limitations. The first thing is that it has only three rooms and the second thing is this is not a good choice for smokers.  this property is smoke-free it means this is a non-smoking hotel. You may find it and limitation but most often gas enjoy this as the facility of television is not available in the hotel

How to reach there

The airport is only 9 km away.  you can rent a car to reach here. 

Seafarer’s Bed and Breakfast

If you are visiting Tofino in the love of nature and ocean you definitely can’t find a better place to stay. This b&b is located in a marvelous location where you can reach the beach just across the road.

Location  and attractions

I actually found it a perfect place to stay. Because you will not only get the best accommodation but also be surrounded by plenty of beautiful destinations and attractions. Which you will never like to miss when you are visiting Tofino.
 Here you can enjoy the adventure and calmness of Chesterman beach just at a walking distance of 7 minutes. Moreover, you can go to Clayoquot sound, which is another amazing destination to visit with a distance of only 3.4 kilometers.
Pacific Rim National Park is only at a difference of 9.8 km and a very beautiful place to visit and explore the real adventure of Tofino. If You Have Chosen Seafarers B& B option Cox Bay beach which is famous for its sunsets is only at a diff distance of 2 kilometers. Moreover, this is a beautiful place to witness the purest form of nature.

Facilities available for free

While you check in to stay in seafarers b&b you will get a few free luxuries which you definitely will enjoy during the stay. For two people 1 single bed and one large bed are settled.  First of all, you will get a big spacious room that is definitely equipped with luxurious furniture. So when after a whole day long adventure you come back to your room you find it very peaceful and comfortable to stay and you can get fresh and ready for the adventure of day 2.
 Moreover, you can get a lavish jacuzzi bath that will relieve your mind and soul and make your trip more memorable. Television and cable facilities are also provided without any extra charges.
The most appreciated and loved service which is again included in the package without any extra charges is the breakfast facility. The breakfast here is not at all something treated as a liability but actually is served with full love and generosity, a perfect breakfast to give you the required energy to cope with the adventurous upcoming day.
Moreover, you will get here the facility of free parking, free and free internet.


The bicycle facility might not be available here so you may have to rent from some other place or have to hire a car to enjoy dining in downtown Tofino.


As it is personal property and you are going to stay with a family and that family I found is quite sophisticated. So they do have some rules which are actually loved by many and disliked by few.
For instance, this place is not a very good idea for smokers, as the owners don’t allow smoking. Moreover, you are not allowed to wear your messy shoes in the property but they provide you with sleepers.
Further-more the timings for breakfast are quite strict. 8:00 a.m. means 8:00 a.m. you are not going to be served with breakfast after 8:30  but yes they offer you a breakfast bag. Besides these few limitations, it’s a terrific place to stay.

How to reach there

Tofino Long Beach Airport Is only 10 km from the place so you can easily grab the destination by renting a car.

Detailed Address
1212, Lynn road Box 612, Tofino British Columbia Canada.

Robin Hood Inn And Suites

If you are in Tofino and looking for an extraordinary but economical place to stay believe me Robert Hood inn is what you are actually asking for. Here you will get all the beautiful views and cultural touch of the 1960s and still a luxurious and comfortable stay.

Location  and attractions

If you are coming with family and you have kids with you believe me this place is the best option you can ever select to stay in Tofino. 

Here you can get access to Dyno lab only at 9min walk, which is an amazing place to visit with children. They can witness thousands of years old dinosaur Fossils and can buy beautiful gifts as souvenirs to keep a memory forever.

Furthermore, Point Ellice House is only within the walking distance of 30 minutes and George water park only at the walking distance of 1 minute and if you want to visit Victoria Killer Diana theatre it’s no more than a walk of 3 minutes from your accommodation.

And if you are looking for a dining option The Ruby at 13min walk, Glo Restaurant and Lounge At 8 min walk. Moreover, The green elephant restaurant is ten min walking distance. And nearest is the Crow Restaurant that is just 2 min away.

Facilities available for free

The other breakfast and bed options that are serving at Tofino this one also offers a free breakfast. And as far as I have experienced it and have read the reviews the breakfast is truly exceptional to start your adventurous day.

All the energy, all the healthy items, and all the bread baked to perfection this is what I called a nice healthy and heavy breakfast. You get the free Wifi As well.

Moreover, while you stay at Robin Inn, you don’t have to worry about any parking tickets. Parking is absolutely free. And as I told you earlier, this is the best place to visit with kids because here they offer a good collection of books, DVDs and music for children.

They love kids so much that they don’t even charge any extra charges if the kids are accompanying you during the stay. Again a plus point!

Besides that, if you have pets, the owners have a big heart to welcome the pets as well. Your pets are allowed, you can bring your dog or any friendly pet with you, they don’t mind it at all.


If you don’t want to rent a car to save a hole in your pocket and to enjoy the natural scenes and beauty lies within the premises. you don’t have to go far away to rent a bicycle, you can easily get one within the premises. No problem of going out looking for a rented bicycle returning it back and coming home on foot.


The only limitation which you can find during the stay here, you have to ask priorly while you are bringing your dog or any other pet. But that is also not a big issue mostly they welcome the pets as well.

How to reach there

23 km away from Victoria Intl Airport just grab the car and reach the destination.

136 Gorge Rd E, Victoria, British Columbia V9A 1L4 Canada


Here in this article, I have shared with you those few best options which are my own tried and tested. Definitely there are several more and few of them offer Sauna houses as well but I preferred the above-mentioned options for the following reasons.

Best In Budget B&B

As I found the best in location and the best fit for my budget. Moreover, I am a foodie and while selecting my stay, I keep in mind that either I am being offered the best food or the best food is available at the closest distance.

Best For Kids And Pets

When I visited with my kids I preferred the B& B which was closest to the Dyno children museum, and when I brought my pet again had different specifications to look in. so I suggest you keep in mind your company and priority while selecting your stay in Tofino.


Moreover, still, there are several more beautiful and terrific places to stay. but if you are looking for the best breakfast and bed accommodation surrounded by beautiful hummingbirds. Believe me, these three are the ultimate best option you can avail of.

Homely Feel

I am a family oriented person and like to stay at places where I get a homely feel. whether I am traveling or whether I am out for an adventure I like to come back to somewhere that feels like a home. Here these places actually gave me the feeling I felt no different than my home. 


But yes, a few luxury jacuzzies and a beach just across the road were so mesmerizing, that they remind me that I am out for an adventure. otherwise, when I was in my room all the furniture, the mattress, the pillow covers the bed sheets each and everything was very clean.

Perfectly Healthy Stay

Within all the all mentioned above stays and I don’t have any allergy problems while using those sheets and curtains and other furnishing items. and the homemade food was actually terrific for my health as well.
I prefer bread and breakfast places because at times I can skip other meals if breakfast is heavy enough.
Best of luck for your stay in Tofino and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Enjoyment Tip

Don’t forget to take a bicycle ride across the sea view and while you are enjoying the cute nice amazing sound of hummingbirds. you can feel yourself roaming around in heaven.