Best Travel Resorts Of America 2020

Sometimes you feel this world is a haunted place and you want to run away….

If you are here in America or planning to visit America’s best resort as an escape from your busy life and thinking for a fresh restart. Congratulations you click it right as here you will get the right and required information about the best travel resorts of America for 2020.

Travel resorts of America are also known as TRA. To understand it better you can take it as a camping service which offers membership-based trips. Travel resorts of America are located by the East Coast.

The camping membership travel resorts in America are going to provide you some unique quality experience. By joining this membership you will feel privileged and proud to own this membership. The thing that makes travel resorts of America a different class from other resorts in America is its RV resort service.

As it maintains almost 7 RV resorts. Those RV resorts provide quality, exotic, and extraordinary RV Park experience that is not available with any other. You might don’t get so many options like Ohio, Gettysburg battlefield, and sandhills of northern California with any other travel resort of America. Mostly the members are really happy with the services.

travel resorts of America

Travel Resorts Of America Reviews

To provide you a clear image of these resorts. We decided to enjoy an interview with some travelers who had their experience with this resort. As I already told you that I want to provide you with the clearest picture of these resorts. So you can make the best decision for you and your family on your life’s best trip ever.

So let’s check others’ experiences and learn from them to avoid any mistakes. The reviews presented here in this article are not the writer’s opinion but are purely and surely consumer or traveler reviews. 

Note: The writer doesn’t have added any personal verdict or experience so far.

A Traveller who visited these resorts in June 2020 described his experience in the following words:

“Exotic Place Efficient Staff”

“The experience with travel resorts of America was tremendous. You can say it was a great time there, it was my first experience when I enjoyed the RV Cross country tour with my kids. and I think that the decision to share the community space with them was actually a perfect idea. Travel resorts of America did not disappoint me when it comes to their sites and their staff. The sides were extremely clean and tidy and the staff was tremendously friendly and helpful. I also enjoyed a company with other guests who actually turned out to be our friends. They not only provided a very friendly atmosphere but also guided us with pointers for traveling. Wow, life…love the RV life!”

Another tourist who enjoyed the trip in Jul 2020 has the following narrative:

“A Marvellous CampGround”

“I was not expecting it to be such a marvelous campground. it is not only a great place to reinstate your mental the same time, it’s a tremendous place if you want to socialize. you will get a nice neighborhood to say hi! 

Moreover, If you want to make your own bubble and hide away from the world’s business, it will welcome you in the most peaceful way. The atmosphere is great in the way you can make out of it whatever you like. I have recommended it to several friends and family in my social circle and mostly the feedback was positive. Travel resorts of America are no doubt a great experience for those who want an exotic RV experience. It’s enjoyable, thrilling, and safe, and satisfying. So far I didn’t found any better option to stay outdoors.“

Now we have another visitor from August 2020 and he presents his experience as follows:

“Valuable Membership As they Value their Members”

“I found it a great company with good and genuine care for its members, they value their guests. Whenever I had any issue or met any problem the support staff was so collaborative and really concerned. They not only resolved my issue but also make sure that they make me comfortable with a smile on their faces, as I don’t panic. Being a member here is an exotic experience. I love the memories which I cherished in this place. Moreover, I also found some beautiful new friends which are definitely going to be a part of my life ahead.”

Here we have another visitor who actually tried to grab the membership but has to face some problems. So he reviewed his experience in the following words:

“Offended With Sales”

“2-hour drive is quite long to hear someone’s sales pitch and still I managed to do so. When I reached the place they said they don’t have anybody free to show me the place around.

 But still said that will provide me with some gifts. And they did provide me with the gifts but when they were not going to validate them I don’t know why they presented them to me. Email them and they showed no response. I am just thinking that I haven’t spent my money yet and they are quite not very rude to me, who is their potential customer. How they will treat me once they have grabbed money from my side.”

Here we have another member who seems to be raged with the membership due to his certain concerns. and he has reported his problem in March 2020 as follows:

“Worthless Membership”

“I am not going to recommend this membership to anybody. This membership is only useful for those who want to use all seven camping resorts. I prefer to travel to Resorts of America coast to coast or even Good Sam. They are better for membership and very cheaper than this one as well. 

They offer more campground options than the Travel resorts of America. In this membership, they didn’t tell me earlier that I have to renew it every year with more money. I think they didn’t brief me well on my tour in Gettysburg. Moreover, I didn’t receive my packet in time as well so the stipulations and information remained unclear to me. Once I came to know about all the terms and conditions I tried to cancel my membership.

But as the package came late they said I can’t cancel my membership and said to me that now I have to sell it if I need to get rid of it. That sale is even possible after a few years. The free Condos they are offering are completely worthless. It’s been May when I had my membership and I couldn’t use it even once since then. As my desired campgrounds are always booked. So I never got a chance to avail the trip I tried to book it earlier 

But even then that was not possible. Imagine you can’t pre-schedule your trip and you will only be informed at the last time that you can go or not. Moreover, the choices of places get limited due to limited opportunities and more members.

 I was planning to enjoy the beautiful vision and scenery of Niagara falls and guess what I didn’t get a booking at all. Even the customer service is also not very appreciable because there is a lady who answers your queries and when I ask about my stupid stipulations which resulted due to their Mal information or misinformation she seems annoyed. ”

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